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Vacuum Packing / Sealing FAQ's

What does Vacuum Sealing do? or How does Vacuum Packing work?

Vacuum packing prolongs the taste, texture and appearance of food by six processes.

Vacuum Sealing Caps for Wine Bottles

It is now possible to open a good bottle of wine.

Which is the best Vacuum Packaging Machine for my needs?

There are basically two different types of machines on the market. They are referred to as ‘vacuum chamber machines’ or ‘in-chamber machines’ where the whole bag with it’s contents fit in the machine, and ‘external bag machines’ or ‘out-of-chamber machines’ where only the open end of the bag fits into the machine and the rest of the bag with it’s contents stay outside of the machine.

Using Continues Vacuum Packing Rolls

One of the advantages of out-of-chamber machines is that different lengths of objects can be vacuum packed. For this the use of a continues vacuum packing roll is ideal.

Comparison of Vacuum Packed versus Non-Vacuum Packed Foods

Vacuum packing helps preserve the nutritional value and natural flavors of your food.

How to look after your Lava Vacuum Packing Machine

Although Lava Vacuum packing machines require minimal maintenance, it is important to keep the machine as clean as possible to extend its life.

Using Stainless Steel & Acrylic Vacuum Containers

Besides using the Lava Vacuum Packing machine in association with bags and pouches, vacuum containers are also an option. Vacuum containers are ideal to pack soft items, especially those high in fluid content.

Vacuum Packing Fruit

The two main reasons and added benefits for vacuum packing fresh fruit is to prolong the shelf life in the refrigerator and to freeze for the future.

Guidelines for Vacuum Packing Cooked Meat

When using a Lava Vacuum Packing machine to vacuum pack both cooked and uncooked meat, make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between uses.
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