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LAVA Vacuum Sealers

Award winning German Technology

Welcome to the Lava-SA Online Store

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Award Winning German Design

The Lava Vacuum Sealer

A Lava Vacuum Sealing Machine is the best food and cost saving investment you can make. The award winning "German manufactured vacuum machine range provides continual usage and has low operating costs"  Your Lava Vacuum Sealer will save you money by preserving food up to 10 times longer
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The Lava Vacuum BAGS

100% BPA-free

Lava's innovative Vacuum Sealer will save you time and money. You can now pre-prepare your meals for the week and store them as quick dinners later during the week thanks to it's easy use design!

This environmentally friendly product has a small footprint while providing continual usage without compromising quality - ideal if you don't have much space!

The Lava Vacuum Sealer looks beautiful and is perfect for any kitchen, restaurant or retailer. With its reliability and low operating costs it provides a great quality product without compromising the environment or your wallet!
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